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Ciprian D. Coman, FHEA, PGCHE, FIMA, PhD, MSc, BSc


Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, with a special emphasis on mathematical modelling involving differential equations and asymptotic methods, elasticity theory, thin plates/shells, thin films, layered materials, bifurcations, materials science, and stability problems.

Sample of recent works (a more complete list can be found HERE)

[1] Continuum Mechanics and Linear Elasticity: An Applied Mathematics Introduction. Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, vol. 238 (519 pages). Springer, Dordrecht (2019).

[2] Wrinkling structures at the rim of an initially stretched circular thin plate subjected to transverse pressure (with A.P. Bassom). SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 78, pp. 1009-1029 (2018).

[3] Bifurcation instabilities in finite bending of circular cylindrical shells. International Journal of Engineering Science 119, pp. 249-264 (2017).

[4] Asymptotic phenomena in pressurised thin films (with M. Matthews and A.P. Bassom). Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A 471:20150471 (2015).

[5] Couple stresses and the fracture of rock (with C. Atkinson and J. Aldazabal). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A 373:20140120 (2015).

[6] Some applications of the WKB method to the wrinkling of bi-annular plates in tension. Acta Mechanica 224, pp.399-423 (2013).

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